The princess saves herself in this one

The princess saves herself in this one is a brilliant collection of poems by Amanda Lovelace.

The cover kinda looks like Cards Against Humanity right?

The collection of poems is split into four sections:

  • The princess
  • The damsel
  • The queen
  • You

These sections of the collection put together the different parts of Lovelace’s life, and explore all sorts of themes such as love, abuse, grief, health, healing, and empowerment.

The simplicity of the writing makes the poetry accessible to everyone, and lacks the sometimes bourgeoisie elements that the poetry we are exposed to in school has.

A major critique is that I found some parts too much of a reminder of tumblr-like posts, something which I personally am not a fan of, but perhaps this will appeal to younger readers.

All in all it can be a very relatable read, and the journey is mostly empowering, talking about Lovelace’s own experiences with dealing with the many things that life can throw your way.

I love the way she uses fairy tale imagery juxtaposing our expectations, shaped by society, and the reality of things.

‘I didn’t realise I could be my own knight’.

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