“Where are you from? No but, where are you actually from?”

An amazingly moving article in which a friend of mine describes her experiences as a fellow mixed race person, please take the time to read this!

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“No, but where are you actually from?”

Throughout my life this question has been poised to me many times. Each time, I can clearly describe the emotions enthralling me – anger being the most prominent one. Trying to argue and justify that ‘I am from here’, yet still being constantly questioned until I finally cave in and answer what they’re really asking me. Exhausted that they do not believe I could possibly be ‘like them’. Because let’s face it, they’ve already decided for me.

I remember each emotion every time I’ve been called ‘half-caste’. Anger. Confusion. Hurt. Disgust. What am I half of exactly? ‘Half pure, half impure’? Half bad? Yet, whenever my skin begins darkening after 5 minutes in the sun everyone is the first to say how ‘jealous’ they are of my tan and ‘how do you get that dark?’ – always shocked when I explain my ethnicity.

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One thought on ““Where are you from? No but, where are you actually from?”

  1. Unfortunately, racism is so deep rooted in British culture and nobody wants to have this conversation.

    The curriculum needs to be changed and the bad parts of British history need to be taught and how they affect the present.

    White privilege is very real but some people are so blind that they can’t see it.

    I don’t want to say I feel your pain because I haven’t had to experience this, but can only apologise for their ignorance and try and be part of the solution.

    The curriculum needs to change and people need to learn the history of human migration and that you can be Asian British, African British, etc.

    We’re a multicultural country and that’s The kind I want to live in – progressive and inclusive. Unfortunately, a lot of people still aren’t accepting to all.

    Great piece and let’s keep fighting together!


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