Anti-Asian Racism (resources):

TW: racism, violence and other potentially upsetting content.

Context of this document: in response to the covid-fuelled and increased racism and hate crimes towards Asians worldwide, it felt necessary to put together this document of resources that can be circulated. Thank you to those who are speaking out about these issues, and thank you to anyone who has contributed to the existence of this document. 

This document was put together in reference to different resources that I have accessed, as well as resources that have been brought to my attention as useful by other individuals- if you see any exclusivity or hate being shared by any of these resources and then please do draw this to my attention. 

Please contact me if:  

  • There are any issues to do with the accessibility of this document.
  • You have sources you wish to see added to this document. 
  • You have any further questions.
  • You wish to raise any issues e.g. maybe a resource has been placed in the wrong place in this document.
  • If you have made a list of resources already (which I’m sure many have, and then I’d be more than happy to share a link to this on the document as well).

Contact via: or instagram: @chan_de_leah 

Note: this document wishes to incorporate intersectionality throughout (which is why I haven’t included an ‘intersectional’ section, but if there ends up being an abundance of sources on a particular issue or identity, and then it can be included as a section for itself- feel free to raise this as an issue. 

This is by no means a comprehensive provision of resources, and I will continue to add to this document as I’m made aware of or come across any new material.


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