About the blog

The world is loud, and with sounds coming from all different directions, we can get lost in the confusion.

Sometimes we need help to make sense of it all.

That’s why I’ve started this blog, Cheery Chan is a personal project; somewhere to rant, review, stay positive, and just generally spill the t on life.

About me

I was born in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong but I grew up in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

As a mixed race individual, I found that growing up, I didn’t really meet many people like me other than my younger siblings. I’ve heard, and related to other ‘subtle halfies’ discussing this; not looking white enough to fit in entirely with white people whilst simultaneously not looking Asian enough to fit in with Asian people.

Although ethnicity plays a large role in shaping my own experiences of the world, it’s only a part of my identity. I come from a working-class background. I identify as she/her. I’m also passionate about veganism, climate activism, and tackling various social issues.

It’s tough finding truly relatable content online, in spite of the internet opening up the possibility of online communities of people like us to exist. So I decided to make my own.